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E.C. or Electric Conductivity is a way for one to accurately measure the level of nutrient in their solution.  Other units of measure consist of P.P.M. (Parts per Million), T.D.S. (Total Dissolved Salts) or D.S. (Dissolved Salts), M.S. (Measured Salts) or C.F. (Conductivity Factor).  The most accurate way to measure the level of nutrient in your solution is by measuring the E.C.

The dilution of a nutrient solution is very common with hydroponic growers.  Nutrient testers are a must with hydroponic growers who wish to achieve the highest yielding crop possible.  Fast growing fruit and flowering plants in rooms of moderate temperature can deplete the levels of nutrient in the solution practically overnight.  Testing the E.C. levels of the reservoir every day or two can allow the gardener the ability to keep the nutrient at optimal levels for growth or flowering.

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